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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Got No Money Guide To Time Management - 2008

Got No Money Guide to Time Management
©2008 Cricket Diane C. Phillips

* You got no money - you got lots of time.

* Or so it would seem to anyone who has money but no time to do anything.

* Got no money living is some seriously time-consuming living in reality.

* Everything takes more time and other resources when you got no money to throw at stuff.

* It ain’t the bicycle repair shop that’s gonna be fixing that bicycle - it’s you.

* Fast food means you’re having a tuna sandwich on a papertowel and calling it a happy meal.

* It all takes longer because you’re going to have do most things yourself. And, about the time you get that going, something else will need to be done.

* About the time you get it going again, its time to fix food again. There is no run out and grab something real quick at the drive-thru.

* That is, unless you count the children running through the kitchen to grab the sandwiches you just fixed.

* Or husband sliding the truck into the side wall cause he gave up trying to wash the truck in the red mud, grabbed a sandwich and failed to mention that the truck is stuck.

* Drive-thru takes on some interesting meanings when you got no money. Doesn’t always have to do with food, though.

* If you’re lucky enough to have a washer and dryer at home, there will always be someone in the family throwing laundry at you on their way by.

* I don’t know what gave them the idea it was a drive through laundry, but I figured out pretty quickly not to stand in there for long.

* Didn’t matter - my husband would run by me in the kitchen and hand me his burnt motor oil soaked jeans to wash.

* I was going to use them to hold up a table after they hadn’t been washed for three weeks cause we were trying to save money we didn’t have.

* He found them standing in a corner of the room as I was figuring it out and yep, took them to his Mom’s to wash them.

* His mom didn’t have the money problems we had - she sent her biggest budget buster to live with us.

* I’ve had three husbands - if you got no money - don’t get you one of those.

* You only thought you were broke before having a husband.

* Getting a husband is like getting a credit card you can’t pay off - ever.

* If you got no money and think you’d like a husband - go get your penny jar and count them.

* Remember, when he’s done two weeks of being around you - those will be gone too.

* You’re better off just flinging those pennies out in the yard, sit down on the couch, hug your remote control, watch some telly and be happy.

* When you got no money things can get worse and there’s no use inviting it on purpose.

* I only thought my husband’s clothes were the dirtiest things impossible to wash until my daughters made a hot tub out of a red mud hole filled with rain water.

* They were orange from top to toes. I was covered with multi-colored paint, my girls were orange and my husband was covered with burnt motor oil. Got no money living at its finest.

* Now I understand when people suggest that we lead colorful lives. The colorful characters comments, I’m not so sure about.

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