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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Got No Money Guide To Home Decorating 2007

* It doesn't take a genius to understand home decorating. It isn't rocket science but to do rocket science is easier when you got no money than home decorating.

* That's because there's more manure in the world for blowing things slap to the moon than there are fine and fancy things for no money to use for decorating.

* I wouldn't get too caught up in that, though. What can be done with $200 a yard fabric can always be done with other stuff given a freer sense of what's what.

* Sheets can be used as curtains, if you don't mind everywhere in your house looking like your bedroom.

* Yards and yards of fabric can be bought for $1.00 a yard or even 50 cents a yard that you wouldn't want to use to line the floor of a doghouse, but given enough of it - there's something Architectural Digest would be proud to display.

* It can always glow-in-the-dark with a little spray paint or poofs from t-shirt paint pods to make stars and planets or even fancy flow in the dark florals.

* Sparkle and spatter - these are some of the great terms of got no money decorating. If you can't sparkle it, I would be surprised.

* Do not use spray adhesive to fling glitter on curtains for sparkle. After about six months, the dust in the air collects on them which gives a whole new meaning to the term textured.

* If you want spatter effects, this is easy enough given just about anything with color including kool-aid. You won't learn this at kid's school but do not do spatter effects with children around to see it being done. Their little minds are not going to think limited use in a decorating scheme on this.

* Spatter paint and glitter on sofa pillows are nice effects and some have been done to cover an entire couch, chair or wall. This does not work well with absolutely every paint in existence. I know by experience. The nice little acrylic paints leave hard poke into you spots when dry that don't allow you to ever get comfortable on the same couch again.

* Do not assume that dust will not show up as much on dark surfaces. This is the same dust that looks darn well yucky everywhere else with its dark little greyed out lint but on dark fabrics, walls or furniture - it is bright enough to have its own zipcode.

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