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I'm here. I love hearing the birds sing in the middle of the night and early in the morning. I like walking but I'm tired of it and wish I could ever buy a car of my very own and afford to actually drive it places. As it is now, I would maybe get a car, unlikely, but it would sit in the parking lot because I got no money to insure it and to put gas in it. So, I might sit in the car and have somewhere to go besides my apartment, but that would be about it.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

This is the first. There have been others. I've written several got no money guides to different things. I have not really made them available to the public but they make me laugh whenever I stumble across them around my house.

Well, its not really a house. I just pretend it is so I can feel better about it. The best way to do landscaping when you got no money is to not have a yard. I do have a lawnmower at a friend's house. He is keeping it for me and "lets" me come over and mow his yard in exchange for it being there. Well, too, he thinks I miss yardwork. And you know, I do - bout this [ ] much.

That's because I got no money and going over to borrow someone else's lawn to mow is a great no money way to be entertained for about three hours. Of course, there's no pay in it because my lawnmower is sitting over at someone else's house, after all. But for three hours exercise and entertainment - that's some cheap aerobics program. Its all in how I look at it.


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